Monthly Archives: June 2015

5 Habits That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Even if you practice a strict dental hygiene routine and visit the dentist for cleanings on a routine basis, you could still be putting your teeth at risk if you practice any of these habits. Chewing Ice Ice is just frozen water, so what harm could it possibly do? Chewing ice could cause your teeth…
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Addressing Toothache Pain

A toothache is a catchall term that describes pain in the teeth or jaw. It may only be a mild and dull pain that affects one side of the mouth. It could be a sharp but temporary jolt of pain that hits you when you drink something cold, or a deep throbbing pain that radiates…
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A Guide to Preventing Tooth Decay

If you want to avoid painful cavities in daily life and interruptions to your routine by having to visit your dentist for fillings, you need to follow this guide. These little things add up when it comes to preventing tooth decay: Fluoride Toothpaste Fluoride is a mineral that is proven to make your teeth more…
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