Monthly Archives: February 2016

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

If you have missing or damaged teeth, there are many options for replacement, including bridges, dentures, and implants. Dental implants have an artificial root made out of titanium metal which is inserted into the jawbone. An artificial tooth, usually made out of porcelain or acrylic, is anchored to the implant. Dental implants are increasingly becoming…
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Our Renovations

Renovations have officially begun! Take a look at what's already been accomplished on day one, as we prepare the new location and get started on demolition. Stay tuned for more pictures as we progress through renovations with Carlingwood Dental Centre to better serve you!   Demolition is underway! The new location is cleared! A view…
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4 Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out

No one would wish a toothache on their worst enemy. Not only is it painful, but it makes one of the most basic human acts – eating – a miserable experience. Beyond ordinary toothache, the pain associated with impacted wisdom teeth can reach another level, not to mention the risk of developing an infection. Many…
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