How to Ease Braces Pain

Are you worried about the pain that comes with getting your braces tightened? Well, you don’t have to be. There are ways to avoid living with sore teeth after each adjustment with your orthodontist. Follow these tips to help ease the pain and discomfort that’s associated with straightening your teeth.

Take Pain Relief Medication

Pain relief medication, like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, should be your first line of defense to ease the soreness with straightening teeth. You can also take the medication before your appointment which will also assist in relieving the discomfort during the adjustment. Ask your dentist for recommendations on dosage and frequency.

Apply an Oral Anesthetic

You can help to desensitize your mouth after your adjustment with an oral anesthetic. These usually come in gel form and are applied to your teeth and gums to numb the area.

Only Have Cold Food and Drinks

Drinking ice cold water or eating popsicles can also help to ease any pain and discomfort you are experiencing with brace tightening. Cold substances work by relieving the inflammation of your gums that causes pain.

Use an Ice Pack

If cold water isn’t doing the trick, you can also apply a gel ice pack to the outside area of your gums. Ice packs will also reduce the swelling and inflammation. Just remember to only apply the pack for ten minutes at a time.

Try Liquids at First

Eating hard foods right after you have your braces shifted will only increase the pain you’re experiencing. Instead, try liquids for the first couple of hours until the initial pain decreases. Cold ice cream, smoothies, and jello are great options.

Avoid Citrus Food and Drinks

Citrus food and drinks are acidic in nature and can really hurt your sore teeth even more. Plus, the acid can work to erode your enamel, causing cavities and more pain. Avoid lemons, limes, and carbonated drinks.

Apply Dental Wax

If you’re experiencing irritation caused by the metal brackets and wires rubbing against your gums, you can also apply orthodontic wax. The wax will stop the friction that’s occurring against your skin and help to prevent blisters and sores.

Use Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Certain toothpastes are designed to help reduce tooth sensitivity. Using these for a couple of weeks regularly will help you feel less sensitivity and more relief around your gums and teeth.

Getting that perfect aligned smile takes some time, and discomfort can be common with getting your braces adjusted, even if it’s for a few days. But you don’t have to suffer with sore and aching gums and teeth. Follow these tips and you can make the discomfort go away quickly so you can go on with enjoying your day.

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