Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Brushing Their Teeth

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If your child seems less than enthused when it’s time for tooth brushing, there are some ways that you can help encourage them to enjoy the brushing process a little more. No one gets particularly excited when it comes to taking care of hygiene business, but by turning simple and necessary acts such as tooth brushing into a fun activity, you can help them develop these important habits as they continue to grow. To help get your child in the brushing zone, here are a few fun ways to get your kids interested in brushing their teeth.


Brush Yours at The Same Time

Kids love to follow by example. When it’s time to head to the bathroom and brush those pearly whites, there’s no better time to lead by example and brush yours as well. You can turn this into your own little nightly ritual where you summon the kids and tell them “It’s time for the tooth brushing party!” Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting everyone involved, including you.


Sing a Song

Songs are a great and effective way of getting your kids out of any potential pouting phase when they don’t want to do something. You can lighten their mood and show them that it can be a fun activity when you’re brushing and belting out one of their favourite songs at the same time.


Use Colourful Toothpaste and Brushes

One really easy way to heighten their interest in brushing is by getting them to pick out their own toothbrush and paste. There are a variety of toothpastes and brushes that are designed for kids with different characters, designs, and colours. Sometimes, you just need a little Spiderman action on the toothbrush to summon brushing time.


Give Them Praise

Children love being praised for doing a job well done. That’s why it’s important to get them started with important habits like tooth brushing nice and early. Each time they brush their teeth, shower them with some praise and high fives to show them that they’re doing an awesome job at taking care of their teeth. This will encourage them to keep at it as they continue to grow and develop, eventually without needing all the praise and attention.

If you’re struggling to get your kids on board with tooth brushing, try out some of these simple ways to make it more fun for them and easier for you.

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