Overcoming Fear of the Dentist

It’s common to fear the dentist. Even though most dentists have friendly and inviting offices, some people cannot get passed the fear that sometimes goes hand in hand with dental procedures. If you’re one of these people, there’s hope to help alleviate your deepest concerns and fears. Here we provide five ways you can overcome your anxiety when visiting the dentist the next time you have a scheduled visit.

Be Upfront About Your Fears

To get over something, you first need to confront it and talk about it. Telling your dentist before your appointment that you have anxiety with dental treatments is a great first step. This will give them time to create a specific plan to help reduce your fear. This may involve walking you through the procedure and tools that will be used. Or planning a specific pace or spreading out your appointments over a period of sessions so you can ease into the treatment, feel more comfortable, and have more control over the situation.

Try Using Headphones

Plug in a set of headphones into your phone or iPad and play music during your visit. This will help to drown out the noises that make you feel uneasy in the first place.

Try a Nasal Strip

Some people have issues breathing through their nose, making their visits uncomfortable, while others simply find the smells in the dental office uninviting. Try using a nasal strip; it will help open your nasal passages and block out the other smells that are unappealing.

Speak Up

Not everyone’s pain tolerance or sensitivity level is the same. And still many people experience discomfort at the dentist but don’t speak up. If you feel any pain, soreness, or numbness, you should immediately tell your dentist or dental hygienist. They can easily adjust the positioning, pressure or even give you a quick break.

Switch to a Dentist with Inviting Rooms

Not only do you need to feel at ease with your dentist, but the dental room plays an important part when it comes to your comfort levels as well. If the procedure room makes you feel uncomfortable you may want to consider finding a new dental office with an atmosphere that you can feel more comfortable in.  Music, a TV or even soothing décor throughout the office can all make a difference with how you feel. Walking into a cold, sterile looking environment can easily make anyone feel less than comfortable.

Your oral health is important, and finding a dentist you can be comfortable with is important to ensure you get the proper care for your teeth. If you fear the dental office, these tips can help you feel more comfortable to ensure that you’re able to obtain the dental treatment you need to keep your teeth healthy and looking their best.

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