How To “Brush” Your Teeth Without a Toothbrush

When life throws you too many commitments or deadlines, it can be understandable to slack a bit on the self-care front. With so much going on in your hectic life, sometimes we just forget about some of the basic necessities, such as packing a toothbrush. Whether it’s your overnight conference that’s out of town or camping with friends – forgetting your toothbrush is something that happens to us all.

But that doesn’t mean your teeth need to endure that unpleasant feeling. Here’s how to go about “brushing” your teeth without a toothbrush.

Using Paper Towel

If you have any form of paper towel or napkin that you can get your hands on, then this can drastically improve your situation (and your breath!).

First, dampen the paper towel just a tad. Then place it around your best brushing finger. This of course, will act as the toothbrush. Get your toothpaste and squeeze some of it on to your nicely wrapped finger. Then you can begin “brushing”. Paper towel is best since it has more traction and is better for scrubbing and removing plaque, but if there’s none accessible, use a napkin.

Make sure to be thorough with your finger and try to use enough pressure to scrape off that plaque.

Once you’ve scrubbed enough, rinse out your mouth, swishing water back and forth through your teeth thoroughly to remove as much remaining plaque as you can. If you do have any mouthwash or floss, now is the time to use them!

Using Your Finger

Sometimes, we simply aren’t so lucky and don’t have any form of oral hygiene supplies to utilize, or even paper towel. In this case, it’s time to resort to your finger.

Begin by ensuring that your hands are washed and clean. Leave them damp. Then, in a similar fashion with the paper towel, use your bare finger as your “toothbrush” and rub is across your teeth.  Focus on one side first and then rinse your finger. Continue rinsing after each area. Once again, try to be as thorough as your can, scraping off that plaque.

Once you’ve finished, rinse out your mouth very thoroughly by swishing water back and forth in a vigorous manner to get off as much remaining plaque as possible.

We’re all human, so it’s natural for us to forget even some of those basic, everyday essentials. When you’re stuck without your toothbrush or any dental supplies, try using these methods to get your mouth feeling as clean and fresh as possible.

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