Root Canal Aftercare

Root Canal Aftercare Instructions

It is normal to have some discomfort and occasional swelling after a root canal, especially if the tooth has been infected for some time.

Take a pain medication before the freezing comes out. Your dentist will prescribe a pain medication if necessary, but often Tylenol or Advil is adequate. Take this first dose 3-4 hours after the procedure or when you first start to feel sensation. Then take regular doses if you have any discomfort at all, especially for the first two days. Don’t wait to see if it will get really painful before taking the medication.

If you dentist prescribes an antibiotic, make sure you take this until it is gone, even if you are feeling completely well.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns. Discomfort from root canal treatment should start to lessen after 2-3 days. Contact us if this is not the case.