Dear Dr. Connelly,

A few months after much consultation and considering my very advanced age, we decided to proceed with the treatment of a permanent prosthesis to replace my old full lower denture. I am so glad that this was done.

It was a fairly long and well spaced intricate process with much precision work, extensive diagnostic imaging required for the design and construction of the moulds, and eventually the exact placement on my lower jaw. All of this was done with great care and consideration.

I also appreciate that you were able to cast inward some of my new teeth so that for the first time in many years my teeth actually met nicely and performed their function properly.

It may be of interest that members of my family whose earlier concerns had been allayed have commented favorably on theses "implants".

I am writing to let you know that I appreciate what you have accomplished and that every day I am enjoying the comfort and convenience of my new teeth.


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J.H. Currie,